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A new podcast about the election! You bet!

We discuss:

  • Why pundits hate Nate Silver
  • Why issues don’t end up mattering
  • Ballot initiatives
  • What will happen if/when Obama wins
  • Our picks
[audio http://dl.dropbox.com/u/14175885/Podcast9.mp3]

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We typically try to refrain from over-analyzing the horse race, but sometimes, we allow ourselves some horse-race bullshit. After all, it does matter who wins a presidential election.

Thus, the podcast follows. Topics include:

  • Romney and Bain: Is Romney being Swift-boated (i.e., attacked with misleading reports that undermine his core strength)? Is it working?
  • Is it fair to attack Romney for being an out-of-touch rich guy, even if he is?
  • Do narratives matter?
  • How much to economic indicators matter?
  • What are our best guesses on the presidential race so far?
  • Will the Supreme Court Obamacare decision matter?
[audio http://dl.dropbox.com/u/14175885/Podcast8.mp3]


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Yeah, it’s been a while. Here’s the latest from Linus and me, as we discuss the current ups and downs of the Republican primary.

We discuss:

  • Newt-mentum and its sustainability
  • The anti-Mitt Republican bubble
  • Mitt Romney’s problems — health care or Mormonism?
  • A dark horse entering the race late in the game?
  • A chance for The Honorable Dr. Ronald Paul, M.D.?
  • What are Obama’s odds?

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It’s time for long-delayed podcast 4. We hope it lives up to the hype.

We discuss:

  • Our reactions after hearing of bin Laden’s death
  • The elevation of bin Laden and al-Qaeda’s operational capacity
  • Possible effects on the war(s)
  • The reaction on the right


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Our third podcast is about baseball. Our fave. We promise that there will be non-sports-related podcasts soon, but we can’t resist sweet, sweet baseball.

We talk about:

  • Our love of the beginning of the season
  • Baseball vs. football
  • The steroid era
  • Why the Orioles could really be great
  • How great baseball is

Go Cubs, I guess.

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Our second podcast. I hope the uploading is better.

Apologies for the echoiness of Linus’ sections. My mic picked up the feedback.

We cover:

  • The background of the NFL lockout
  • Reasons for public perceptions
  • Consequences for players and owners
  • Comparisons to Linus’ post about Albert Pujols
  • The problems of bluffing in negotiations

Enjoy! And let us know if there are problems with the audio in the comments.

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