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Sorry for not posting

The internet has been nonexistent in my apartment for almost two weeks now, so I haven’t had much time to craft good blog posts.

In any case, here are some links that I’ve read over the last week or so to keep you occupied:

“Skin” — One of the best, weirdest articles I’ve read in a while, about a lampshade purportedly made from the skins of Holocaust victims at Buchenwald. Like I said, weird.

BPA has been variously maligned, but it turns out, no one knows anything. This is often the case, but it’s refreshing when a major news source actually reports science in a non-trivial fashion.

The NYTimes Book Review loves dudes, hates women. This is a bit strange, considering how the book-reading public is mostly female, but whatever. I was just mentioning this unrelatedly to my girlfriend yesterday, and lo and behold, the empirical data!

Kanye/Taylor onstage reunion plz! It would be too perfect, wouldn’t it?

James Kwak’s “blame capitalism” theory for education disparity If only we could test it. Someone’s Economics Ph.D. and tenured professorship waiting to happen.

Why I can barely stomach Volokh Conspiracy and “conservative” legal scholars At what point does bigotry outweigh quality of legal scholarship?

Tough on littering, eh on torture Judges are political appointees and political actors. All the labels, ideologies and belief systems go out the window for one’s tribal group.

Shoot-to-kill in the aftermath of Katrina If you missed the Frontline documentary, check it here. Also worth reading is the report from the Times-Picayune and ProPublica. I would note that this is a great example of a hybrid effort from a traditional newspaper, an independent public-TV program, and a new online journalistic endeavor of great pedigree. Superb investigative journalism can still exist, even if it’s more “the cloud” than Woodward and Bernstein.

Also, this:

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Work and other responsibilities have been stifling this past week, so instead, I offer these tasty links.

Anyone going to a 9/12 rally?

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