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Like the lawyers for the counties in this case.

Step one: convince small Kentucky counties to be test cases for posting the Ten Commandments in courthouses

Step two: lose and get the counties assessed court fees in excess of $450,000

Step three: watch counties be unable to pay the bill

Obviously, the executives of the counties themselves should take a fair amount of blame here. If you run a small Kentucky county with a limited budget, and you know you’re on the losing side, don’t keep breaking the law. That said, Liberty Counsel, “the Christian legal group” founded by Jerry Falwell that represented the counties, was also pretty feckless. These guys offered pro bonorepresentation, knowing that they would lose big. (Remember Roy Moore?) The group will also almost certainly fundraise off of its efforts in cases like this one. (My favorite quote from the article: “Many people who supported the fight to post the Ten Commandments wouldn’t want to donate money that would go to the ACLU, Staver said.” Solution? Don’t post the Ten Commandments and get sued!)

I don’t know the details, of course. Maybe Liberty tried hard to convince the counties not to try the suit a second time; maybe they were making sure that the counties had enough financial support to pay the court costs.

But maybe Liberty Counsel’s lawyers were too invested in their Christianist ideological agenda to think about what was actually best for their clients.

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Evangelical Christians helped foster and support Uganda’s barbaric anti-gay regime, but now that people are criticizing them, their fee-fees are all hurt:

“Naturally, I don’t want anyone killed but I don’t feel I had anything to do with that,” said Mr. Schmierer, who added that in Uganda he had focused on parenting skills. He also said that he had been a target of threats himself, recently receiving more than 600 hate mails related to his visit.

“I spoke to help people,” he said, “and I’m getting bludgeoned from one end to the other.” [emphasis added]

I guess I would feel worse for Mr. Schmierer if the quoted article wasn’t about the bludgeoning murder of a gay rights activist in Uganda. To say nothing of the bill currently being considered by the Ugandan Parliament to use the death penalty for homosexuality, which Mr. Schmierer helped to create.

For the record, hate crimes against all Protestant groups in the United States in 2009? 40

Hate crimes against homosexuals in the United States in 2009? 1,390

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